What Workers Can Do And See

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Workers have access

You can give Workers access to your Health & Safety management system

What Workers Can Do And See

With Simple WorkSafe “Workers” or “Users” can be set up.
This means you can give your workers access to your Health and Safety Management System.
There are certain things that a worker cannot see or do.

Workers/users CANNOT:

  • delete or edit the application
  • create records except for Hazards & Incidents
  • access personal or company information

Workers/users CAN:

  • Report Hazards
  • Report an Incidents
  • View Company Policies
  • View Operating Procedures.

If your workplace uses SWMS, JSA or Take 5’s

  • Access to Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). They’re able to read the tasks and activities then they sign the worker’s acknowledgement under a worker’s “My Health and Safety”.
  • Creat JSA (Job Safety Analysis)
  • Create Take 5’s
  • View and complete training
  • Access registers with the associated Procedures, Policies, GPS coordinates and Safety Data Sheets.

The “Home” Page of a Worker

Reporting A Hazard Or An Incident

Workers Login

Everyone has a “Duty of Care” for Health and Safety.

If a worker sees a hazard they must try and prevent anyone being injured by that hazard.

On a worker’s home screen, they can report a hazard.
Pressing the “Report Hazard” button will take a worker to create a “New Hazard” record page.
There they will fill out the basic information regarding the hazard, they can upload a photo of the hazard as well. Pressing “Save” will take the worker back to the “Home” page. The safety coordinator of that site will be emailed the details of the new hazard.

Every worker has a duty of care to make the hazard safe by placing signs, barricades or if it’s machinery to turn it off until the safety coordinator controls the hazard with more permanent controls.

If a worker sees an incident occur he/she must report it.
Pressing the “Report Incident” button will take a worker to create a “New Incident” record page. Again they will fill out basic information regarding the incident once completed pressing “Save” will take the worker back to the “Home” page. The safety coordinator of that site will be emailed the details of the incident.

JSA’s, SWMS and Take 5’s

Depending on what you require for your workplace as to SWMS, JSA’s and Take 5’s. As Manager or Supervisor, you would have selected these when you set up your “Health & Safety” on the home page. (See more here)

Setup on the Home Page

A worker will be able to see the selection under their “My Health and Safety” on the menu bar of their login.

Select what is required