Users and Roles

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Users and Roles

The Users section is where you allocate and authorise other people to use your Simple WorkSafe application.

The owner or purchaser of the application will automatically be given the management role. Beside your user login will be Manager

You will allocate a “Role” to a user depending on what you want that user to view and edit.

There are 2 “Roles” that you can allocate to a User.

Supervisor: This role has access to all areas.

Worker: This role is issued to all your employee’s so they can see health & safety records relating to their safety, for example, SOP’s, Policies and Hazards. They can digitally sign SWMS if they are happy with the process.

They can create JSA’s and Take 5’s for a supervisor to sign off.
They can notify you of any hazard or incidents that need reporting.
They can access registers, for example, site information, assets and jobs. They can’t edit or delete under this role. They can’t see any personal information.
If a worker leaves your employment you have to keep their health & safety information. This is where the role Inactive come in.
This is on the full management system if you have the single application they can see the associated records.

Inactive: This role is activated when you slide the inactive button across on the Worker section (under Registers choose Worker). A worker can be reinstated by changing Inactive back again on the “Worker” section and then on the “User” section.

The roles on Users

Create A New User

To add a new user to your Simple Health & Safety system or to the Simple single applications it’s best to add the person to the “Workers” section first (Registers – Workers)

Once your worker has been added now lets set them up as a “User”

Under “Registers” on the menu bar choose “Users”. Your name will already be there if you don’t see your name refresh the page or click another menu item then click back to “Users”.

Click the “+” symbol in the bottom right corner to add a new user.

New Button

Now enter the details in each of the fields. Use the footer notes or, by hovering over a field, a tooltip will appear for guidance as what needs to be entered.

Users Email Address: This will become the user’s login username. This is because an email address is unique.

User’s Role – Select the role that will be assigned to this worker. This will determine what the worker can see and do in the application. Selecting “Inactive” will make it impossible for the user to access the application.

Password – A password must be at least 6 characters and at least 1 symbol i.e. % @ $ < + $ ! # Workers Full Name – This is why you need to set up the workers details first. When a login is matched with a worker their details are automatically added to the auditing section of all records.

Click “Save” when completed.

Create a new user

Forgotten Password

On the login page of the application, you will find the “Forgot your Password?” facility right under the username login box.

It will ask for your username, which of course is your email address.

Click “Next”

It will then come up with your Password question

Enter the answer to the question…remember it’s upper and lower case sensitive. So if you’ve written a street name as your answer and you’ve put the first letter in as a capital, do the same for the answer.

Click “Finish” then check your email, your new password has been emailed to you.