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Find the Training section on the menu bar

Find Training on the menu bar

Create a Training Course

You must provide training for your workers, volunteers or contractors to protect them from any workplace health and safety risks.

How far you go with training will depend on your specific business requirements and the legislation as it applies to your business.

There are many aspects you can train your workers on, such as your emergency evacuation procedures, using machine guarding, operation of machinery and tools, general safety induction, workstation ergonomic training, chemical awareness, risk assessments, and incident investigation.

To create a new training course, go to “Training” on the menu bar and choose “Training”. When the page opens press the “+” sign in the bottom right corner of any device.

New Button

Now fill in the fields, use the footer notes or by hovering over a field a tooltip will appear for guidance as what needs to be entered.

Training Name – Give the training course a name.

Type – Choose from Online, Classroom or Personal Instruction

Teaching Method – Choose from

  • On-Demand Downloaded Content – This is where they can download a document such as an Induction manual. If you choose this option you will find a field below where you can upload the document (see image below)
  • On-Demand Online Content – This is where the course is online and you attach a link to the website.
  • Schedule Classes – Are they sitting this course in a classroom environment with a presenter or instructor? (See more on scheduling classes below)
  • One On One – This could be a VOC training  (Verification Of Competency)

Summary – Enter a summary of the training course.

Duration –  In hours how long is the training e.g. Half an hour = .5 One hour 1

Revision Required (Mths) – Does this training need to be revised and in how many months, for example, CPR or First Aid. A reminder will come up on the home page 1 month before the due date.

Has Exam – Check this box if this training has an exam associated with it. If it has an online exam you can enter the URL under the “Exam Path” which become available when this box is checked.

Pass Score – State the exam score that the attendee must achieve to pass. If it’s out of 100 and they need 75 to pass, enter 75.

Course Creator – Enter the name of the person who created this training.

Once all the details are in press “Save”, you will be taken back to the Training Record page.

Attachments Category

You will now see categories at the bottom of the record. Depending on the teaching method you may have two or three. Schedule, Attendance, Acknowledgement and VOC and Attachments category.

Let’s explain the “Attachments” category first.

The Attachment tab is where you can attach any files associated with this training.

For example

  • A sign off-sheet of who attended the course.
  • Printed matter for the course
  • Paper Exam, if not on-line

Attach any of these documents under the “Attachment” tab on the menu bar or “on the run” from the training section. To do this click the “+ New Attach Training”. From the “Attachment Name” either select the document that is already under the Attachment section or choose “Create New” to add an attachment. (See more on Attachments here)

Training Categories

Schedule a Training Course

If you run scheduled training courses in your workplace you can set them up in two different spots.

The first one is from “Training” on the menu bar then choose “Training Schedule”. Here you can set up any scheduled training and allocate workers or participants to the course. If you only allow a certain number to attend per course it’s a good way of allocating everybody.  From this tab, you can view the scheduled training in calendar mode (see below image) or the usual Grid, List and Card view

Calendar view

The other way you can schedule training is from the “Schedule” category attached to a training course you have stipulated a teaching method of “Scheduled Classes”.

Scheduled Training

Issuing VOC’s (Verification of Competency)

An example of using this scheduler (from the Training course) would be a VOC (Verification of Competency) when assessing a worker for a VOC go to the “Training Course” that you have set for a VOC, remember, it needs to have a teaching method of “Schedule Classes”.

Under the Category of Schedule add a session time by clicking the “New” button. Enter the start and end time of the session, the location. The presenter would be the person assessing the VOC. Now add the workers who are getting assessed. Click “Save” you will back to the record click “Close”.

When you have finished the VOC go to the “Training Course” and this time add a new Attendance /Acknowledgement by clicking on the category and select the “+New” button.

Worker – Select the worker being assessed

Training Date – From the selector choose the date and time

Method – Select “Scheduled Classes” once you have this selection another field will appear “Schedule”

Schedule – Select the session from the list. Only sessions associated with that training will be visible.

Click “Save” you will be taken back to the record to enter any notes associated with the assessment,  for the exam score to be inserted (If there is one) and for the assessor to sign off on the VOC. Slide the “Verification of Competency” button and other fields will open for the assessor to fill in.

Issuing a VOC

A Workers acknowledgement of a Training Course or VOC

The “Attendance, Acknowledgement And VOC” category.

Under this category (click onto the category to open and close it) add all the workers you want to do the course. The workers will then log in to their own accounts (If you have given access. see how here) go to their “My Health and Safety” and sign off the course once it is completed. They then have a record of all the training they have done and you’re able to see who has signed off and who hasn’t.

The same applies for any VOC training. After they have completed the VOC the workers will go to the My Training under their “MY Health and Safety” tab under their login.

A worker can sign off training from their login

Another way to add workers to a training acknowledgement is from “Training” on the menu bar and select “Training Attendance”. Just click the “+ New” to add attendance.

Select Training Attendance

Printing Reports

There are a number of reports that can be printed.

Lists reports are lists of records such as a list of all the training on the application.

Detail reports are reports that contain all details of a particular record.

Reports are available in PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and image formats.

List reports are available by pressing the Report button on the header of the list.

Open a List Report

Print Repor tList

Open a Detail Report