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What is a Take 5

Take 5 on a single program

Take 5

A Take 5 is a pre-start checklist used to identify health and safety issues and hazards before starting work on a job.

It should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

It helps workers and contractors, particularly those new to a site, reduce exposure to hazards and identify other issues that may affect safety during the work.

The Take 5 differs from the JSA, SWMS or standard risk assessment in that it is not a task by task assessment. It is a prestart checklist for the work as a whole and from an individual worker’s current situation. It looks at a range of situations that will differ each time the work is attempted, even though the tasks to complete the job may be the same each time.

For example, a job may be cleaning windows in a high rise building from a BMU. There will already be a SWMS associated with the job, probably a risk assessment and some procedures on operating the BMU.
However, when all the workers involved turn up to begin work there is a high wind blowing and the BMU is damaged.
These are situations not covered in the SWMS, procedure or risk assessment as they are variable and can be different each time work is about to commence.

This is where the Take 5 is useful.

Viewing Take 5’s

To access Take 5’s, go to “Risks” on the menu bar then choose “Take 5”. On the single application Take 5 will be on the menu bar.

A supervisor will see all Take 5’s while a worker can limit their Take 5’s to the ones they have created.

Any Take 5s that have issues that need resolving will be “red-flagged”.

Supervisors and managers can see all the Take 5s  linked to jobs by going to the Jobs register. All Take 5s are automatically linked to the relevant job.
You can see also all the Take 5s linked to workers by going to the Workers register. All Take 5s are automatically linked to the relevant worker.

Press anywhere on a Take 5 record to see it’s details.

Press the “Edit” button on the viewing page to edit the Take 5. This is NOT available after the Take 5 has been signed. 

The supervisor can mark the Take 5 noting he/she is aware of any issues associated with it. He/She can describe what is being done about the issues and sign that they are attending to those issues.

The location where the Take 5 was generated and updated is also available here.

Go to the “Getting Around” section to see more ways to view. filter, sort and group Take 5s.

Take 5 with an issue

Create a Take 5

To access Take 5’s, go to “Risks” on the menu bar then choose “Take 5”. On the single application Take 5 will be on the menu bar.

To create a new Take 5 click the “+” symbol in the bottom right corner.

Now enter the details in each of the fields. Use the footer notes or, by hovering over a field, a tooltip will appear for guidance as what needs to be entered.

There are some questions that if you answer one way, other fields will appear for you to fill in more details, depending on the question.

If, due to your answers, there are issues associated with this Take 5. A supervisor will be notified by a red flag against the Take 5.

Once you are happy with your answers click “Save”. You will be taken back to the Take 5 where you review your answers once more.  Sign the Take 5 using a mouse, stylus pen or your finger on touch devices. This states you are saying the Take 5 is true and correct. Click “Save” if you’re happy with your answers.

Supervisor’s Signature Acknowledging Issues

If a worker has indicated there are issues associated with the Take 5 a “Red Flag” will appear.

A Supervisor can then acknowledge they are aware of the issue, contact the employee and work out any control measures to ensure a safe work environment. The Supervisor then signs to state awareness of issues. The supervisor can add any notes regarding the issue for reference.

They NOTE: The workers can’t see the notes by the supervisor.

Once a supervisor has signed the Take 5 it can’t be edited.

Red Flag for Issues

Printing Reports

There are a number of reports that can be printed.

Lists reports are lists of records such as a list of all the Take 5’s on the application.

Detail reports are reports that contain all details of a particular record.

Reports are available in PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and image formats.

List reports are available by pressing the Report button on the header of the list.

Open a List Report

Print Repor tList

Open a Detail Report