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The General Health & Safety Policy

General Policy View

The General Health and Safety Policy Creator window in view mode

In order to build and maintain a good health and safety system, it’s vital to have policies.

It’s often the lack of policies or the failure to enforce policies that land businesses in a health and safety court action.

Policies are the foundation on which a system is built.

One policy takes precedence over all the others.
It is the General Health & Safety Policy.

You should have, at the least, a basic, simple policy that defines both management and workers responsibilities. It is the foundation of your business’s health & safety system.
A policy demonstrates an organization’s commitment to health and safety, risk management and compliance with laws and regulations.
The General Health and Safety Policy should be prominently displayed to everyone at your workplace.
It should be easy to update if changes to your business occur.

Ultimately the policy should be accessible on the digital devices of all workers and site attendees.
This is possible when a policy is administered with the Simple WorkSafe application.

Do you currently have a safety policy?
You can create one with the Health and Safety Policy Creator.

You can access the Simple WorkSafe Health and Safety Policy creator by pressing the “Policies” button on the main menu then selecting the General Health and Safety Policy Creator button.

General Policy Button

The General Health and Safety Policy Creator button.

You will see a list of any general policies you may already have created.

STEP 1: Create a New Policy. Press the “NEW” button at the bottom right.

STEP 2: Either overwrite the default statements with your own, edit the defaults or leave the defaults as they are. Press the “SAVE” button at the bottom.

STEP 3: Check and edit if required by pressing the “EDIT” button then “SAVE” after completing
the edits.

STEP 4: Download a printable report. Press the record you want to print and open the detail page. Press the 3 dots at the top right of the page. Choose the “REPORT” button and the format you would like the report delivered in.

STEP 5: Upload the report to the Home Page of the Simple WorkSafe application.

Now it is available for anyone who has access to the application to download at any time.

The General Health and Safety Policy printed report.

The General Health and Safety Policy uploaded and ready to access.

Managing Health and Safety Policies

Since policies are the foundation of your organisation, they need to be accurate and up to date.

They also need to be communicated to all on-site personnel and, ideally, the on-site personnel should acknowledge that they know the policies and commit to abiding by them.

This is made easy by the Simple Worksafe Policies and Procedures section of both the full management application and the Policies and Procedures application.

The Policies section is accessed by pressing the “Policies” button from the main menu, then selecting “Policies”.

Policy Button

See the details and download the policy document by going to a detail view. Just press the record you want to see the details for, or choose “Select” from the three dots on a record.

The detail view will open.

You can edit the record here by pressing the “Edit” button and then the “Save” button on completion of your editing

Policy Detail

The “Details View” of a policy record

To create a new Policy, press the “+” symbol in the bottom right corner.

New Button

The “New Policy” button

Now enter the details of the policy in each of the boxes;

If you are the person who has approved this policy then sign in the “Approved By Signature” box or get the correct person to sign.

Create a digital copy of the policy you are managing.
This can be in almost any digital format such as PDF, Word, Image, Spreadsheet or even video.

Upload the document in the “Upload Policy Document” box.

This will store the digital document on our secure cloud servers where it is always available to be downloaded by anyone who has access to the application.

You can assign this policy as “Inactive” if it is no longer in use, thereby saving all the attached acknowledgements.

Attaching Policies to Resources

A policy may relate to a number of different resources within your organisation.
Resources are your assets (plant, equipment, machinery and tools), jobs, chemicals/hazardous goods or work sites.

For example, a policy on care and maintenance of a particular item may relate to a number of different items of plant. You may have five tractors that are all managed using one policy

With the Simple WorkSafe Management application and the Policies and Procedures application, you can attach all the resources that are covered by that policy to the policy.

Just press the “Edit” button and you will see the following sections; Sites, Assets, Chemical/Hazardous Goods and Jobs.
Select each of the resources that are covered by this policy.
They will be attached BOTH to the policy itself and to each of the selected resources.

The “Resources” attachment in “Edit” mode

The “Resources” attachment in “View” mode

Acknowledging Policies

To be sure that you have done everything possible to both maximise health and safety AND be able to prove it in a court of law, you should always ensure that your on-site personnel have read, understood and committed to the observance of all policies.

With the Simple WorkSafe Management application and the Policies and Procedures application, any user with access to the application can acknowledge that they have read, understood and committed to the policy.

A record of all a policy’s acknowledgements is found by opening the “Policy Acknowledgement” Bar.

You can access the details of any acknowledgement by pressing an acknowledgement record or choosing “Select” from the three dots on a record.

Acknowledge Bar

The Policy Acknowledgements bar

Acknowledge View

The Policy Acknowledgement Details View

Printing Reports


You can print or download in different formats including:

PDF: Downloads a PDF report.

Multipage Image: Downloads as a .TIFF Image. If you are only getting the first page of the report, try opening the file in another application like windows media player or something similar.

Spreadsheet: Downloads an excel spread sheet. You may have to enter your username and password for the application for Microsoft to verify you. This is a Microsoft security rule not ours.

Microsoft Word: A word document that you can manipulate further if you require.

A list of your Policies.

Print out a list of your Policies: On the records page choose Grid view. Now click or tap into the circle to select all your policies. Press the “Print Reports” tab at the top of the page and select the format you want printed out, we suggest spreadsheet which is easy to manipulate.

Print a complete Policy Record

To be able to email a policy to a worker or contractor you’ll need to download it to your phone or computer. If they have a workers login they can access all the related policies from their own device. (see the users section on how to create users)

To do this select the policy you want to print either hovering over the record until the 3 dots appear, press on the 3 dots and choose Select

OR… just pressing on the record it will open at the review screen.

Once the record is open, click on the uploaded policy document. The document will then download to your device.

Open a List Report

Print Repor tList

Open a Detail Report