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Create A Meeting Record

Select “Meetings” on the menu bar

To create a new meeting record, press the “+” sign in the bottom right corner.

Answer the following questions…

Meeting Title: Enter a title for the meeting.

Type: Tap the arrows to open the selection and select the type of meeting this is.

Date and Time: Enter the date and time from the selector, this is a required field.

Site: Select the site of the meeting so it can be synced

Location: Enter the location of the meeting.

Presenter: Enter the name of the person presenting or leading the meeting.

Topic Summary: Give a summary of the topics the meeting intends to cover.

Worker Attendance: Select each worker who attended this meeting. This will automatically attach meeting attendance to the worker’s record.

Visitor Attendance: Enter a comma-separated list of any visitors or other non-workers who attended the meeting.

Note: Enter any notes relating to this meeting.

Press “Save” to be taken back to the Meetings Record page.

Create a meeting record

Conducting A Meeting

Meetings can be a quick get together before work, a chat over coffee or a more substantial formal, sit down, grab a coffee, help yourself to the food platters kind of meeting.

Whatever type of meeting you hold, you should record the details, the topics covered and who attended the meeting.
So, how can you record what was discussed and the outcomes?
Well, you could take minutes of the meeting, but a quicker way would be to record the meeting using your phone.
Let everyone know you’re recording to save time. You could ask everyone to say their name, therefore recording proof of who attended the meeting.
Once you have, either the recording or written notes attach them to the meeting record.

See how to attach a file to the Meetings Attachment category here

If you do wish to have workers sign a form that states they attended the meeting, print out the meeting details (see reports and download here) then get everyone to sign the sheet. Scan the document or simply take a photo of it and then attach it to the associated meeting.

Attach anything to a meeting

Attach any related documents to the meeting.

Printed Reports

You can download a report of the meeting details if you wish. To do this, select the meeting you wish to produce a printed report from. Open the record by clicking or tapping on the record, then press the 3 dots at the top right of the page, scroll down to “Print Reports” then choose the format you wish to download.

You can print or download in different formats including:

PDF: Downloads a PDF report.

Multipage Image: Downloads as a.TIFF Image. If you are only getting the first page of the report, try opening the file in another application like windows media player or something similar.

Spreadsheet: Downloads an excel spreadsheet. You may have to enter your username and password for Microsoft to verify you. This is a Microsoft security rule, not ours.

Microsoft Word: A word document that you can manipulate further if you require

Open a List Report

Print Repor tList

Open a Detail Report