Hazard Management

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Reporting a New Hazard

Any user of Simple WorkSafe full management system can report a hazard.

On the home page of Simple WorkSafe, press the “Report Hazard” button.

Simply press the Report Hazard button and then fill out the boxes. A photo of the hazard may be uploaded.

When all the boxes have been filled press the “Save” button and the hazard will be recorded on the system.

A “Worker” role will be taken back to their home page.

NOTE: Anyone finding or reporting a hazard has a duty of care to make the area as safe as possible so no one else is injured.

An email will be automatically sent to the site safety coordinator.

(This is why using a work email rather than a personal email is recommended)

Once the hazard has been reported the supervisor/manager can assess for risk (the likelihood of the hazard occurring and the consequences if it does) and controls implemented to either eliminate or reduce the risk.

Initiate Control Measures. It is the duty of the person who identifies the hazard to control the hazard enough that no one else could be injured from the hazard.

This may be temporary until a more permanent solution can be found but it should be enough to either eliminate the hazard or reduce its risk.

Workers need to be set up as users before they can access the system. See more on users here.
Learn more about what a worker sees here.

Home Page

The Home Page showing the “Report an Incident” and “Report a Hazard” buttons

The New Hazard page 

Managing Hazards

Hazards are managed from the “Hazards” section.

New hazards can also be reported and identified from here by user’s other than workers.

From the menu bar choose “Hazards”. You’ll see a list of all hazards that have been reported.
If you haven’t created any this will be blank.

To create a new Hazard, press on the “+” symbol in the bottom right corner.

New Button

The Create Hazard Record button

Now enter the details in each of the boxes.

We also need to assess the risk of this hazard and initiate control measures to either eliminate or reduce the risk.
The risk is derived from a combination of the likelihood of the hazard occurring and the consequences if it does.

Select the appropriate likelihood from the “Likelihood” list.

Select the appropriate consequences from the “Consequences” list.

The Risk will automatically be assigned based on these selections.

The Risk Matrix, which is accessible from the icon in the page header, is used to determine the risk based on the likelihood and consequences.

Implement control measures to either eliminate or reduce the risk.  Use the Hierarchy of Controls matrix in the header to help implement the correct controls.
Describe the control measures implemented.

Now we assess the “Residual Risk” which is the risk AFTER the controls have been implemented.
Select the “Residual Likelihood” of the hazard occurring AFTER the control has been implemented.
Select the “Residual Consequences” of the hazard occurring AFTER the control has been implemented.

The “Residual Risk” will be automatically assigned based on the above selections.

Insert the date the controls were initiated. This can be done later. This hazard will remain on the “Uncontrolled Hazards” list until this date has been inserted.

Enter the name of the person who implemented the control measures.

The person who implemented the control should sign the hazard report.

You can take an image of the hazard an upload it, however, it must be less than 3mb in size.

Enter any notes relating to the hazard.

Press Save at the bottom of the window and you will be taken to the View Details Window.

You can now enter the step by step tasks that are required to complete the process you are assessing.

View Hazard Details

The Hazard Details page

Printing Reports

There are a number of reports that can be printed.

Lists reports are lists of records such as a list of all the hazards on the application.

Detail reports are reports that contain all details of a particular record.

Reports are available in PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and image formats.

List reports are available by pressing the Report button on the header of the list.

Open a List Report

Print Repor tList

Open a Detail Report