Getting Started

Before you can use your Simple WorkSafe there is a bit of setting up to do.

On this page

Change your generic password.

The username will always be your email.
The password you were issued with when you subscribed to Simple Worksafe (your email address again) can be changed.
You can change this by pressing on the Users section under the Registers menu.

Getting to the Users section

Users Button

Change your password to what you want.
Go to the User Management tutorial here to see how to do this but remember the new password must be at least 6 characters and have at least one alphanumeric symbol such as a % ! $.

If there is a matching password already in the system you won’t be able to use it as every password must be unique.

Learn to get around the application.

Simple WorkSafe has many built-in features that allow for powerful searching, filtering and grouping of records.
Records can be viewed in a variety of formats such as grids, lists cards, calendars, maps or charts.
Data can be exported in a number of ways.
You can also change the look and feel of the application by powerful customisation.

Take the time to learn how to make use of these features by taking a look at the Getting Around section here.

Choose settings

Change your business details.

The home page has your business details along with your company logo.
When you first access Simple WorkSafe you will find generic business details.

Edit this information by pressing the Edit button at the bottom of the Home page window.
Only users with a Manager or Supervisor role can access the edit button.

This is also the place to add your company’s health and safety policy. If you don’t have a general health & safety policy create one under the policy tab.

JSA, SWMS and Take 5’s – If your workplace uses any or all of these facilities click the boxes here. This will give your workers access to these on their logins.

Setup on the Home Page

Create your resource registers.

Your business has resources that all subject to health and safety management.
Your resources are;

  • Sites – the worksites that you carry out work on
  • Locations – places within each worksite where tasks and activities occur
  • Assets – plant, machinery, equipment and tools
  • Jobs – tasks and activities that are performed by your workers
  • Chemical and Hazardous Goods – any material that poses a potential risk to people
  • Workers – your workers who carry out jobs either on or using the other resources

With Simple WorkSafe, registers are set up where you list the details of each resource. The registers are critical when identifying known and potential hazards associated with each resource

Every system health and safety element within the Simple WorkSafe application is automatically linked and synchronised to related resources.
For example, a risk assessment may relate to a number of resources such a job that is performed at multiple locations using a number of different assets and chemicals or hazardous goods. The risk assessment will automatically be linked to all those resources.

To learn how to set up registers go to the registers tutorial here.