Getting Around The Application

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The Home/Dashboard page

home page-dashboard top

The top section of the Home Page/Dashboard page of the management version of Simple WorkSafe showing logo and business information.

home page-dashboard bottom

The bottom section of the Home Page/Dashboard page showing general health & safety policy, reminders bar and quick access buttons.

The HOME page of the application is a quick access dashboard.

Here’s where you enter your organisation’s details and logo.

The “Reminders” icon will appear if there are any issues that need attention. Pressing the icon will take you to a list of reminders.
The reminders include;

  • certifications that due for renewal
  • training revision due
  • service and maintenance due
  • safety data sheets that need reviewing
  • procedures that should be reviewed
  • hazards not controlled
  • uncompleted reports for incidents
  • JSAs, SWMS and Take 5s not signed
  • Training, policy and procedure acknowledgements unsigned
  • audit item fails that are not fixed

Policy: If you have a general health and safety policy, it can be uploaded here where it is always available to be downloaded and read by everyone who has access to Simple WorkSafe.

If you don’t have a policy, you can quickly build one using the Health & Safety Policy generator under Policies/Procedures on the menu bar.

You’ll see three quick-access buttons, “Report Hazard”Report Incident” and “My Health and Safety”.

The “Report Hazard” button is a quick way for your workers to report and notify of hazards. See more on Hazards here

The “Report Incident” button is a quick way for your workers to report and notify of incidents. See more on Incidents here

The “My Health and Safety” button takes workers to their personal health and safety records. This includes training attendance, meeting attendance JSAs and Take 5s they have both generated themselves or are involved in, SWMS involvement and acknowledgements of training, policies and procedures.

To access this area your workers need to be set up as users and assigned a username and password (see how here).

To edit the Home Page/Dashboard press the “Edit” button at the bottom of the page or look for the pencil on mobile devices.
Once all your details have been entered press “OK”

Save To Your Home Screen

The Simple WorkSafe Application does not download to your device, it is stored in the cloud on highly secure web servers around the world.

When the application gets updated, it will be seamless.

If any exciting new features are added, we’ll send you an email explaining them.

You can have a one-tap shortcut to open the application by using “Save to Home Screen”

Launch the internet on your device and go to

Android – Tap the menu bar at the top right corner then tap “Add to Home Screen”. You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then it will be added to your home screen.

Apple – at the bottom of the screen tap the arrow coming out of a square, then tap “Add to Home Screen” Just like Android users you’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then it will be added to your home screen.

Viewing Data

There are a number of custom settings you can use to change the “look & feel” of the application.

There are four ways to “view” your records. Select your prefered viewing style for each section by going to the little arrow beside the record name on any page. From here you will find alternate records like inactive records. You’ll also see the viewing options.

Clicking on a row to view the details of that record or click the three dots that appear in each row and choose “select”.

“Grid View”

This view is good for filtering or searching as you can manipulate any of the columns by clicking on their heading. It’s quick to scroll if you’re looking for something.

Grid view

“List View”

This view lets you see the information easily.

“Card View”

This view looks like business cards.

“Map View”

If you have records with latitude and longitude or address information, you can view the record with Google Maps by using the “Map View”. This is useful for your “sites” records.

Map view

“Categories or Tabs”

When opening the “details” view of a record there is often other information linked or attached.

For example, on the full management system under a “Worker” record you’ll be able to see the worker’s  JSA’s, Take 5s, Meeting attendance, Training attendance, any incidents or hazards associated with the worker.

Click on the tabs or categories to open this linked and attached data.

Categories and tabs


Head over to the setting cog to experiment with the “Look and Feel” of colour schemes and viewing aspects.

Adding, Editing, Deleting & Duplicating

Adding Records

To add a record – Press the plus symbol in the bottom right corner 

There are several ways data is entered in a record:

  • entered directly into a text box
  • selection from a date selector
  • selection from a drop-down list or “lookup”
  • choosing an option from a checkboxes or radio buttons
  • either touch, on a touch device, or with the mouse to sign a signature box.

Saving a Record  – When the data has been entered as required either:

  • Click or tap the “Save Button”. The record is saved, and the screen will revert back to the record view.
  • Click or tap the “Save and New” button and another new record screen will appear. You can keep entering in multiple new records this way.

Viewing and Editing Record Details

To view a record you can either: 

  • Select the record by clicking or tapping on it
  • Press the 3 dots beside the record name and choose select.

The record will open in a separate screen.

To edit the record: 

  • Press the 3 dots beside the record name and choose edit.
  • Select the record then click or tap the edit button at the top of the screen. (This appears once you have selected a record.
  • If you’re already viewing the record click the edit button at the bottom of the screen.
  • On a mobile device look for the pencil to edit.

Deleting Records

There are several ways to delete a record: 

  1. Select the record or records to be deleted by clicking into the circle at the beginning of every record (multiple records can be deleted in one action). Now the “Delete” button will appear at the top.

REMEMBER ALL CHECKED records will be deleted.

  1. Hover over the record until you see the three dots, click the three dots and choose delete.
  2. If you are viewing the record, the delete button is at the bottom of the page.


In most cases, it is better to make a record “Inactive”. This will preserve all the associated records but take the “Inactive” record out of the main list of records. For example, making a worker inactive will make the worker disappear from the record lists but all the associated records will be preserved. The inactive worker’s information can always be accessible through the “Inactive” list.

Duplicating Records

Duplicating a record saves you time and effort. 

An example would be if you had multiple assets of the same type such as two forklifts or two or three work vehicles.

Another example would be when you are creating hazards, risks, and controls in a risk assessment or safe operating procedure.

You can duplicate the Tasks, hazards, Risk and Controls record to save retyping then simply edit as required.

To duplicate a record, click on to the record you wish to duplicate and click the duplicate button. (This button only appears once a record has been chosen). The duplicate button appears on the list when you press the three dots or on the edit page.

Change the details as required. No images or attachments are duplicated.

Please Note: Not all records can be duplicated!

Sorting, Filtering, Grouping and Searching Records

Simple WorkSafe has some very powerful sorting, searching, filtering and grouping functions that allow you to quickly find a specific record in even the largest collections of data.

To sort your records go to grid view and click on the column you want to find records in.
We can sort the whole list from lowest to highest or vice versa by pressing Ascending or Descending

You can also sort from the 3 dots at the top right of the page.

Choose Sort, then choose the column you want to sort by and choose to sort by ascending or descending order.
Clear all sorting by pressing “Clear”

You can filter in grid view by pressing the column header you want to filter and checking the box of the value or multiple values you want to filter records to. Press “Apply”

You can filter a piece of text, For example, go to “Text Filter” and enter a few letters of the item you want to filter, then press apply.
You can do the same thing from the 3 dots.

To group records just press the column you want to group by or use the 3 dots then clear the grouping when you no longer need it.

To perform a simple search for a record simply press the magnifying glass icon to the top right of the page.

Enter in all or part of the text of the record you wish to find. You can also enter a date you wish to search for. In fact, most columns will be searched using this method.

Sometimes it may be necessary to do a more thorough search.

Just press the 3 dots and choose “Search” and a form will appear where you perform both simple and highly complex searches.

Printing Reports

There are a number of reports that can be printed.

Lists reports are lists of records such as a list of all the risk assessments on the application.

Detail reports are reports that contain all details of a particular record.

Reports are available in PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and image formats.

List reports are available by pressing the Report button on the header of the list.

Open a List Report

Print Repor tList

Open a Detail Report