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Find the Attachment section on the menu bar


Attachments – How to attach a file

Have you ever had that frustrating period when you’re looking for a particular document…but can’t remember where it is?

You know you’ve attached it somewhere, but not sure what section?

So have we…

That why we have the “Attachment” section. This is where you first upload the documents or any other digital file and then attach it to any or all sections or resources. This way all files are easily searchable using the methods described in the filtering topic under “Getting Around“.

Almost every section of Simple WorkSafe has an Attachments section.
This is usually under a category named “Attachments” that you can press to open or close.

Attachments are files that are associated with a record.

It could be a doctors report from an incident or a set of images associated with a procedure or a video associated with a training course.

Attachments can be almost any digital file such as an image, a document in pdf or word format, a video, PowerPoint, spreadsheets or an audio file.

An almost unlimited number of these files can be attached to a record, making a powerful but simple way to manage all related information.

First, you must upload the document to the “Attachment” section. You will find Attachments on the menu bar. (see above image)

Almost every section of Simple WorkSafe has an “Attachments” section.

To add a new attachment click the “+” symbol in the bottom right corner.

Now enter the details in each of the fields. Use the footer notes or by hovering over a field a tooltip will appear for guidance as what needs to be entered.

Remember the size of the file that will be uploaded is limited to 3mb.

Web Content: If you just want to link to the internet just enter the full URL here.

Click “Save” when you have finished entering the information.

Create a new attachment

Now you will see further categories at the bottom of the record.

“Resources This Attachment Is Linked To” and “Health & Safety Records This Attachment Is Linked To”

Click on them to open.

Incident Categories

Attaching Files To All Resources

Under the Resources category attach the new attachment to any or all of the resources by clicking on the “Add Item”.

Same with any Health & Safety Records.

If you have already uploaded a document to the attachment section you can attach the document from any of the other sections of Simple WorkSafe by going to the “Attachment” category at the bottom of the associated records page.

Attach files to resources