What Is Simple WorkSafe?

Simple WorkSafe is an all-in-one online Software as a Service (SaaS) application.

It’s designed to make health and safety systems more effective and easier to manage.

You can build risk assessments, SWMS, and procedures FAST.

Manage hazards, incidents, training, auditing, meetings, servicing and much more.

A Collection of Digital Tools

Whether you call work health and safety OSHA, WHS, OHS, EHS, HSE or anything else you need a great set of tools to manage it.
The tools must also be accessible from any device, anywhere at any time!

With Simple Worksafe’s tools, you can link and sync each health & safety issue to every resource that is affected such as machinery, tools, plant, equipment, chemicals, jobs and workers.
This list of tools includes;

You can stop diverting precious time, money and resources from your product or service into health and safety management.